First World War Silver Collection

The perfect way to honour the centenary of WWI

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AUD $29.95

First Fleet to Federation Collection

Captured in precious silver

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AUD $59.95

Queen Elizabeth II Coin Collection

Finished in 24-carat gold!

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AUD $49.95

Established in 2005, Macquarie Mint operates from the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Since our establishment, we have helped over 75,000 collectors access some of the most exclusive, prestigious and historic numismatic collections available in the world.

We source the finest coin and commemorative collections from Australia and around the world and offer them to our collectors in a convenient monthly subscription based format.

Whether it is precious metals, ancient civilisations, Australian history or international numismatics, we have collections that cater for all interests. Hand selected for their beauty, purity and exclusivity, each of our collections are officially certified and come accompanied by an array of specially selected gifts and accessories....Read More